Thursday, March 08, 2007

Guess What?

I visited Anna's blog Anna's World last night and she has a little guessing game where she has taken a photo and you have to guess what it is. Quite a while ago I made these Digital ATC's which I called 'Guess what?'. I took close-ups of objects around the house and altered them a little in PaintShopPro 9.
This is not a competition, but I wonder if you can guess what they are?


Sara said...

here are my guesses:

1) carpet with plant leaves from a tall plant.

2) candle holder

3) cds on a spindle like the come from the store


5)oil lamp

How did I do???? that was rather fun...

Dianne said...

1. Table cloth nearly reaching the floor.
2. This is a hard one!! The cane pattern on a chair.
3. C.D. holder.
4. Photo album cover.
5. Door knob.

mrsatroxi said...


1.) A plant and a bit of the wall?
2.) Oh, um, a wicker ball?
3.) The underside of a table?
4.) A corner of a wall?
5.)I have no idea at all!

Was I a bit close on any?