Friday, March 23, 2007

Morning Post

I have just decided I will have to do a lot of hard work, this means joining more swaps with my friends. It is so exciting receiving all these wonderful surprises through the post every morning. and it's getting rather addictive.

This is the most beautiful and unusual charm of all received this morning from Chaos who is in the Charm swap of the Surface Design Yahoo Group(run by Joanna of SerenityisBliss) with me. There were 25 of us all together in this swap and it has been such fun. Most of my charms have arrived here in Wales safely from all over the world.

I also had a little parcel from Australia with 5 ATC's that were swapped at the Australian Quilting Show. These were sent to me by Dale Rollerson of The Thread Studio, who organised this swap.

You can tell I love this little 'Trot' boat can't you? This is the time of year when we see it often in the estuary because the yachts are all returning after being stored for the winter. I wish I could take a closeup for you so the name Conwy could be seen clearly. it's such a colourful boat. Especially so this morning as it's so calm and I can see it's reflection in the water. I wonder who pulled the plug!

Yesterday morning was just as exciting for me. The postman brought me two parcels. One as a prize from Carol who runs the Textile Challenge Yahoo Group for making a St David's Day piece of work and the others are from Joanna who sent me all these lovely surprises in a little paper basket. Joanna is running an Auction for EarthDay 2007, go and have a look HERE


StegArt said...

I have to agree, it is definitly fun to get lovely things in the mail...and you've received some great ones.

Scraps of Bev said...

Gosh Mags at this rate you will need your own personal postman!!

What lovely things you have received and as you say that charm received from Chaos is very special

Yes that little 'Trot' boat is so great and perhaps you'll have to get that new camera with zoom lens sooner than later!!


Dianne said...

What a wonderful 2 days of mail!! That charm from Chaos is fantastic. I love the boat - looks like it's ready to party!!