Saturday, March 24, 2007


Here is Seren(Star)my grandsons new pup. She is a beauty, a cross between a labrador and a spaniel. I'm not sure who enjoyed the attention most the grownups or the pup. I have never seen such a lovely dog.
They were told he was born on Christmas Day, the farmer went into the stable and found the four pups and their mother in the manger! They are calling her Seren beacause she has a white star right below her chin.

Here is this evening's sunset.


meggie said...

Lovely little Seren! And lovely sunset pic.
Every time I see puppies, I want another...we have two babies already!

Sue B said...

Ooohhh so sweet!

Dianne said...

Oh so cute!! I want one!!!!

Zaz said...

I love the puppy ........and yes, I want one too!

give him a hug from me :0)

mrsatroxi said...

What a nice doggie!

She looks very calm and wise.