Monday, March 26, 2007

Sunday Morning

It was a strange morning as you can see from the photo. The sky looked rather heavy and I thought perhaps we could have a storm. But as it turned out it was a lovely day here in North Wales. All these days were taken in Rhos on Sea.

This was the first photo I took as I made my way to the beach. This pigeon would have been lost among the blue shells and I would have hardly noticed it if it hadn't landed on the slipway.

The beach itself looked looked like a field of bluebells, but it smelled strongly of fish and the sea. I took so many photos of the beach from all angles trying to catch the beauty of all the mussel shells covering everywhere like a carpet.

Some of you who look at my blog regularly will probably recognise the fisherman, who now leans heavily on his salmon and has lost his fishing rod. I dare say he will freshen up now that spring is here.


Sue B said...

Love that picture of the bird. It seems to have a sly look on it's face.

Helen Cowans said...

I love the top picture - the perfect Watercolour painted sky :)


Scraps of Bev said...

First of all I'm so pleased to see the Fisherman of these days I will 'really' see him!

I love all the photo's but I really like the one of the mussel shells..all the beautiful colours. I also agree that the top one is so like a water colour painting.

Great photo's Mags.

Deb H said...

I love your photos Margaret. We found an isolated beach covered in mussels, when we were kyaking in Katchemak Bay once. We took a load of them home & cooked them.. They were lovely, tender & tasty.

Alis said...

The sky in the top photo is wonderful. Great photography Mags.
I love that smell of fish and sea don't you, especially if I can hear the seagulls calling too. Heaven!
Hugs, Alis

margaret said...

Fabulous skies! I love seeing the scenic photos, brings back happy memories of trips to Wales in the 70s. Must go back ... soon ...