Saturday, May 19, 2007

Clearing the decks

I have been clearing the decks and preparing to do some fabric dyeing tomorrow. It still looks a mess doesn't it?

Below is one of the fabrics from Sue's blog. I asked her permission to show the lovely Medieval Masked Lady I could see in it. Can you see her too? Have a look at what Sue Bleiweiss is doing

I have finished stitching some more postcards for my swap with Surface Design friends and will post them here tomorrow.


Purple Missus said...

Yes, yes, yes Mags!!! The nose and lips beneath the mask remind me of Zoe Wanamaker, especially when she appeared in Gormenghast!

Sue B said...

Mags you are a genious with finding images in fabric! I wish my worktable looked that organized.

meggie said...

Looks ok to me!
I see your lady.

Dianne said...

OH, I can see her - what a great image!! It must be a week for dyeing - it's on my agenda for this week too!

StegArt said...

Hey, I saw a kitty in that fabric until you went and drew a big nose in there.

Alis said...

Love your workspace.
I am drinking from that mug at the moment!!

I see the face too.

Hugs, Alis

Nola said...

Looks very tidy to me - I'm not showing you the tip I work in!

How clever, I see the lady too now you have pointed her out.