Monday, May 14, 2007

In the Eye of the Beholder

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I'm in a swap with four other friends from the Surface Design Yahoo Group and we are looking for images in any of our fabrics and making them into postcards. Above are the images I have found and I have gently added a few strokes to bring out the shape.

These were the only images of several that I photographed that came out because they were too shiny.

These are my experiments using tissue paper. I need to make some postcards experimenting with tissue. These were made using variegated coloured tissue crumpled up and then opened out, then bonded onto felt using Bondaweb accentuating some of the creases. I then stamped the fabric created with a variety of stamps and when dry I rubbed the tissue with Acrylic Wax. I intend to do some free machining into these samples to make postcards.


Jo Wholohan said...

Wow this is amazing Margaret!!!
Beautiful scenery shots too :))

Carol said...

These are stunning Mags. Thanks for explaining the techniques.

Sue B said...

Mags these are fantastic! You are an absolute genious with finding images in fabric.