Friday, May 04, 2007

Mary Sleigh 4

This is the last post about my course with Mary Sleigh(Practical Study Group textile artists and tutors: Mary Sleigh)
The next time I mention Mary, I hope will be when I have made something using these designs!

I hope to use this design to make a bag for myself. It can be folded over three times and the part with the tabs will be the front overlap. When this will be done, I have no idea.

Maybe this would make a front cover for a book?

I don't know if this will inspire me to make anything. But as Mary reminded us, we don't have to use our original colourways. Some other inspiration could be used for that. I will probably have some fun with the computer for that one.

As I have always loved hand stitching I was very interested in this stitch Mary showed us. It has no name as far as she knows and it's the stitch they use in the Middle Congo(?) to join pieces of fabric together. It can also be used as a hem and as a decoration. I loved it. The stitch is similar to buttonhole stitch and yet it's not that. Below is the sample I made during the class as a reminder.
Thanks Mary for a wonderful weekend.
When I have time I will post some more photos of other people's work in my photo blog.


Carol said...

Great report and samples Mags,

Angelcat said...

Your samples are simply beautiful Mags!

Sue B said...

That bag idea is brilliant, love that idea. And I think that other piece would be perfect for a book cover.

Micki said...

I agree with Sue. The pieces for the bag and book cover are great.

Purple Missus said...

Mags, you have to try and find time to make that bag. It would look fantastic. Its been wonderful reading about your course with Mary Sleigh. She obviously made a great impression on you. Wouldn't it be wonderful if artists like Mary had the time to write a blog of their own?

Sheilasembroidery said...

Just found your Blog, there are some lovely things here. I am off on a Mary Sleigh EG weekend in Durham tomorrow. So looking forward to it very much.