Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My new system of working

Before I tell you about finding a more efficient working system I must show you the very special inchies that arrived for me this morning. These were made by Elizabet of Her eyes shone like emeralds of the deepest hue. Thanks Elizabet, they are becoming favourites and I love what you have done to those beads.

Here are Elizabet's Inchies.

I experimented this morning with some begonia leaves. I had to trim some stems and leaves as it had become too big. I could not let these go to waste. They are nice juicy leaves and I have bonded them onto Transfer Dyed synthetic fabric. They separate giving me two different images. I like the delicate one on the left where only the veins and delicate skin have transferred.

My workroom is quite large, but I have not been using it efficiently up to now. I have made work stations for myself in different areas but I find the only ones I really use are my favourite stretch of worktop and my stitching areas one used for my embroidery machine and the other for my embellisher.

When I want to do anything else all the stuff migrates gradually to my worktop leaving me in a mess where I have to push things out of the way and find myself a tiny space to work in.
I have decided today to use this area differently. I have a large shelf above the worktop and this was full of all sorts of rubbish that I stick up there out of the way as I work. Today I took everything off the shelf and put these things in the correct work station. I put empty plastic baskets on the shelf and the worktop is clear. From now on I intend to have all the tools and paints etc that I need for the project in progress around me here. I will set it all out before I start. When the project is finished they will be put back in their own work station. In fact my previous work stations will become store areas.

This works really well on paper. I wonder if it will work in real life? What brought it on? Well I bought a book called The Declutter Workbook by Mary Lamb and it is based on feng shui.
Tomorrow I hope to have more work in the SerenTex blog.


Sue B said...

That leaf on the left is too cool. Would you come and organize my studio like that too!

Alis said...

The leaves are great.
Hope you enjoy the new way of working.
And I need organizing too ;0)

Hugs, Alis

Shirley Goodwin said...

Good luck with your new system- I'm untidy no matter how good my intentions are!

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Ooooh love the new space you have created. Tell us more about the ideal workspace and Feng shui... we might all be able to "tidy up" then!! :>))
Leaves are looking good, what do you plan to do next? Sorry I'm as nosy as ever.


winterchild said...

Mags the Feng shui stuff does work, I am convinced.. I think some of it can be a bit OTT but on the whole I believe sorting through the crap clears the way for new clear energy.. ha! Your workspace looks great and if it works for you then thats all it needs to prove ;o)

x Bobby

Liz said...

Think I need to read that book! Hope the new system works... whatever system I use, rubbish tends to accumulate where I sit....