Sunday, May 13, 2007

The postman calls again

This is the wonderful postcard that arrived yesterday morning from Jean Spillane. We are both involved in a swap called 'In the Eye of the Beholder' suggested by Joanna of the Surface Design Yahoo Group. The challenge is to find an accidental image in a piece of dyed fabric, batik or similar.
Jean saw sunshine peeping through the trees in her fabric and added a few strokes of paint to complete it. It's really lovely. Thank you Jean.

These Inchies came from Hannah Katarski in Palmyra, Western Australia. This is a little personal swap between the two us. I fell in love with these black and white inchies when I saw them on Hannah's blog Textile Artist at work. She was offering them as a swap and I accepted.

I'm sending these in return to Hannah in the morning and I do hope she likes them.


Micki said...

Jean's postcard is lovely. I saw Hannah's inchies on her blog. I am sure she will love the ones you are sending.

meggie said...

Who couldnt help liking them!! Hers are nice too.
I love the postcard with the sunlight.

Scraps of Bev said...

Mags...of course Hannah will love your inchies they're beautiful...I love the little B/W ones and I can see why you wanted them.

So another welcomed visit from Postie and the Postcard from Jean Spillance is just superb!!

If your Postie retires perhaps I could have his job but only on the condition that I could stay around whilst you unwrapped your 'little parcels' it must be so exciting...