Sunday, May 06, 2007

Victorian Extravaganza in Llandudno

I have been busy catching up with my challenges over the weekend, but I have no photos yet, instead I have some vintage photos I took yesterday.

This one took me down memory lane. When we were children we used to have a ride in the empty coal lorry and you can imagine how we were told off when we arrived home as black as if we'd been up a chimney. But it was worth it all for the excitement of seeing the world from the back of that lorry.

Each May Bank holiday we have an event called the Victorian Extravaganza when Llandudno is in a time warp. People get dressed in Victorian costume and there is an old fashioned fun fair with merry-go-rounds and so on there. There are always old tractions and steam engines with vintage cars and buses and lorries. It's a very busy event and this year the weather was just perfect for it.

I was able to stand at the window and photograph 148 vintage vehicles. a few of them are rather blurred because they were to quick for me as the digital camera takes a little time to be ready for the next photo each time.

I shall put some of these on my photo blog shortly for those interested.


Alis said...

Great photos and what a wonderful way to travel - in that cool coal truck.
Hugs, Alis

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

They look like dinky toys, taken from the angle of above. Almost expect some-ones hand to come into the photo to move them along. Great stuff.


Pat said...

I was tagged by Gunnel and I am tagging you to say thank you for the pleasure your blog gives me, as I am sure you have done this many times before you do not need to respond.

Sue B said...

Great photos Mags :)

Helen Suzanne said...

they are such gorgeous shapes aren't they! We still have the little red tractors in use here on the islands - they're a particular feature of ness and usually well looked after. come the autumn we see them running up and down the road with a trailer piled high of peats.