Monday, June 04, 2007

A celebration of Dawn's beautiful work

This is the wonderful work of Cynthia June Dawn Roberts. Dawn as we all knew her was a member of the North Wales Embroiderers' Guild and she lived in Prestatyn. She passed away exactly 12 months to the day of this exhibition and what could be a better way of celebrating her life? Dawn was a wonderful woman and we all loved her.
I will put up some more of her work this evening.

I couldn't post any images on Digital Gran last night and many of the images already in the blog had a little cross on them, no image. They told me It would be seen to and it was a bug. This morning most of the images are back.


Alis said...

And great images they are too.
What a colourful lady she must have been. A wonderful way to celebrate her life Mags.

Papoosue said...

Gosh, what an extremely talented lady she must have been, such lovely things.

Dianne said...

What beautiful pieces Dawn made - she was a talented lady.

meggie said...

I had noticed the little crosses, & wondered why. Glad to see all the images, wonderful.