Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dawn's creativity, tassels and poems

When Dawn became ill she started to write peotry all the time and these are poems that were in the leaflet at her obituary. I think you all enjoy her peom on Crafty Creations. Which one of us has not been there?

One week in May

Without any warning
The words just come storming,
Popped out of nowhere
Their magic to share.
One week in May
Three poems a day.
Neurons were tweaking
My head was just freaking,
Where am I going?
What kind of tune?
Which seeds am I sowing
To sprout up in June.

June Dawn

Reflections on the state of my 'inspirational' untidy, crammed full home!

Crafty Creations

The mess in my house
Is driving me mad
Is that what I need?
A minimal pad.
Boxes of this,
Boxes of that.
Papers piled high
Is that a hat?
Small pearly buttons
Long shiny threads.
The notebooks are spreading
All over the beds.
Will you do this?
Can you do that?
Oh! This gorgeous piece
Was given by Pat.
But I need all this stuff
And maybe more.
My head is so full
Of projects galore.

June Dawn


Cute little daisy
Drives gardeners crazy
Trying to kill every last one.
It's such a pity
They're ever so pretty
Why aren't they left 'till summer's done?
Green velvet lawns
People like pawns.
That's what they want, ecology's gone.
No butterflies visit
The can - you just twizz it.
Chemicals squirt into all kinds of places
Why don't they just leave them,
Pointing their faces?
The only chance left for all human races.

June Dawn


Alis said...

Lovely poems and yes you are right about the crafty one but my favourite is the daisy poem. Hits a chord.

Those tassels are just fab!

joyce said...

what wonderful poems. I like the one about Daisies best. It speaks to me because here it is Dandelions that drive people crazy on their lawns. They'd rather poison the world than have yellow on their green axpanse. She hit the nail on the head with that one.

StegArt said...

Those are wonderful poems, thanks for sharing them Mags.

Helen Suzanne said...

fantastic - i love the daisies one... i've been resisting cutting the lawn because of them

Pat said...

Thanks for sharing the poems, the crafty one made me smile and the daisy one made me sigh!