Tuesday, June 26, 2007


We had a meeting of SerenTex this afternoon and there are new photos over on the SerenTex blog. This beautiful image above is work by Sue Gallgher, I know you love to see her work.

Here is the postcard I received this morning from Deb H. She is the Cold Feet Quilter Deb Hardman from Anchorage, Alaska. What a wonderful card, thanks so much Deb. This card celebrates The Elders of the Earth, we must protect those old trees and make sure they live so we can learn from them. They know more, have heard more and are The Elders of the Earth. This is what Deb's card has to tell us.

Here's one for the castle fans among you.

And the evening sky.


Micki said...

Sue's piece is great. Love Deb's postcard and your photos.

Carol said...

Sue's work is wonderful and I really love Deb's postcard it's beautiful.

I like your new banner.

Alis said...

Fab photos Mags.

What a fantastic postcard you got from Deb.

Hugs, Alis

Deb H said...

Thanks yourself Mags. You're a doll.

I love Sue's quilt! & the castle as always.I like to see it in person, sigh, maybe someday.

Dianne said...

I love Deb's postcard - gorgeous!! And, is that castle for me??? Thanks Mags..