Thursday, July 05, 2007

Port Meirion, North Wales

Sue Bleiweiss asked this question on her blog yesterday. "I'd love to hear from some of you about where you find your inspiration".
My answer to that is that I find inspiration all around me and the technique is whatever I think suitable to use at the time. I buy books, but am guilty of never reading or following instructions. I pick up a book and love looking at all the photos of the inspiring work you find in them. I love my books, but one would think I was never taught to read.
Yesterday I visited Portmeirion (this is the official website). It poured with rain all day, it would have been better if the sun shone but it was still a very enjoyable visit. We had a wonderful meal at the Port Meirion Hotel and I took lots of photos in the rain. It's a very inspiring place. Read all about it at their official website. Now, here is an inspiring place and if you ever get the opportunity to visit, then do take it.

This is part of the Gate House and I loved this Gaudi like little window. Clough Williams Ellis the architect wanted the visitors to enter the village having passed along a tree lined drive and then under a series of arches. This is one of the arches.

The ceiling below was painted by Feibusch a muralist born in Frankfurt-am-Main in Germany. This was the ceiling of the same archway.

Above and below are some photos of a little Merman with two tails. I was unable to find an explanation of this anywhere.

Below is a view of the estuary from Port Meirion.

This a folly situated in The Piazza.


Sue B said...

Fantastic photos Mags.

mrsatroxi said...

I love the little guy with two tails!

Paige said...

I too have been known to by books, look at the pictures and not read them. Funny habit.
Perhaps the two tailed little thing is the Gemini sun sign... just a thought,

Toni said...

Have wanted to visit Port Meiron but just could not fit it in on my visits to Wales.
Your pics are great.

Susan said...

Although my dancing son has said, "Mom, you MUST go to York on your next visit", I'm much more inclined to come in your Wales. My husband and I were near the boarder on our last visits. We went to Shrewsbury and had a very lovely day. Your photographs over the past month or so confirm my desire.

I, too, like the details in a building...the motifs found in wallpaper, bas relief, and upholestry. I adore the patterns found in historic structures.

Please don't take this wrong, but your embroidery really doesn't need the've captured the essence of the location quite perfectly in the stitching. I say this with love and it looks like something I would also have added. Later, I'd tell myself..."Have Faith next time; trust the says it all". Your work is totally strong...totally clear...and documents your visual experience without the "subtitles".

Also, I posted my inspirations on Sue's blog post. Like most, I buy books. I, however, am so crazy that I don't seem to find the time to look at the pictures...or even open the volumes! I think I'm just trying to purchase the mood and ideas that flew through my mind when I leafed through the pages at the store!

Alis said...

It is such a magical place with wonderful things to see.
I love your photos mags.

Bird on a wire said...

Are not mermaids perfect mystical women? After all their anatomy means they may never be possessed by a man.
This two tailed version makes her 'accessible' and therefore the need for the little skirt to cover her modesty.
Just Freudian ramblings.....

Number said...

We just spent 2 lovely nights in Portmeirion for our third wedding anniversary. It is simply a must see destination. We should have spent 3-4 days there instead of arriving late on the train from London and departing early towards Conwy. There were more walking trails and paths along the estuary than we could work into the day.

The mermaids were the original logo for the village. He aquired dozens of panels with the mermaid from a building being 'retired' and you can spot them around the grounds. The coasters also have the image in blue on white in Portmeirion.

I agree with the review about the awesome food at Portmeirion Hotel. Their staff were superb as well.

We stayed in Upper Pilot House and my Sister was in the Bridge House 2. Dad, and friends were in Cliff House 1 & 2. We all had fun views of the village & estuary. Book early - even 9 months in advance many of the cottages were booked for the week we wanted!

Be Seeing You!