Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lutradur and Lace

I've been having some fun the last few days. Every 5 minutes I could find I have been popping up to my workroom to paint some Lutradur and Pelmet Vilene. I have two pieces of work going at the same time. These are for the Fibre and Stitch group challenge and the deadline is tomorrow. After following all the beautiful work done by all the group using the article by Carol McFee in Issue 1 of Fibre & Stitch I have been really inspired to have a go at this and its giving me a lot of pleasure.

This was Lutradur and lace and will eventually be made into a bag.

Here is a detail of the work. I think it needs a bit of FME in lime green perhaps to finish it off?

This is Pelmet Vilene and lace and is WIP, it needs a lot more paint and perhaps some stitching on it.
Tomorrow I'm hoping to make a couple of Dotee Dolls for my Textile Challenge Yahoo group. I'm really keen to have a go at these too and of course this deadline is also tomorrow. I persuade myself I work better under pressure.


Carol said...

Hia Mags, Dwi newydd bod yn peintio lutrador a lace!! Cawn ni gewld fy un i yn fian! Hoff iawn or lliw ichi wedi dewis gwyrdd lime fydd yn eu orfen go dda! Cariad carol

StegArt said...

First of all....huh? What? Is Carol talking in another language??? LOL!

Both your pieces are lovely Mags. I look forward to seeing the handbag you make.

Barbara said...

What lovely pieces ! I think I must try it too. ...and thanks for your lovely comment on my blog Hugs barbara

Sue B said...

Nicely done Mags! Great colors in those first two pieces.

Ro Bruhn said...

These are divine Margaret. Love the texture.

Waltraud said...

Wonderful results!