Monday, September 24, 2007

Women and Cloth 1

This is how my morning began. I arrived early at Bodelwyddan Castle in North Wales for a course that I hadn't much idea of what we would be doing. I knew it was being taken by young trained artists, Eleri Jones and Chloe Needham. I knew Eleri had specialised in Printing and that Chloe is a watercolourist. The topic was Women and Cloth. We had been told to bring a photo of a favourite corner in our house, an ornament or object of sentimental value and an interesting piece of fabric.

The two artist were very different in style but both interested in the same things. Eleri likes movement and was a very exuberant artist often working in black and white, Indian Ink, charcoal, thick graphite pencils and chalk and some of the work was very big. She had many sketches and drawings of her mother in the kitchen of the farm which is her home. Her memories and the closeness to her mother is always strongest in this room folding and helping her mother with the dried washing, the smell of clean clothes, ironing and hanging to air above the fireplace. She had also visited India and had many drawings of Indian women working. Looking at the gracefulness of their movements.

Chloe on the other hand painted very delicate looking watercolours like the one they are both showing above. Chloe likes painting patterns, not stiff patterns, but the patterns on wallpaper and fabrics. Being the mother of a baby boy, she had paintings of her baby, always on a baby blanket. She had so many blankets as gifts when her baby was born she made a series of paintings using the different blankets for the baby paintings. They were a good foil for each other.

Both were new to textile art, but they had prepared collages using a photo of a corner in their houses. below is Eleri with a corner of the bedroom which used to be her grandmother's.

Chloe also chose the photo of a bedroom for her collage below.

Here is a photo of my effort at collage and the corner of a room in my house. My chosen sentimental object belonged to my father and it was one of the first things he managed to buy second hand for himself as a young farmhand. A Metronome. He was being taught by a neighbour to play a little harmonium and he thought the world of it. He also taught me to play the piano and we used this to keep a regular tempo, so I love it too.

Below is the work of some of the others in the class. I have far too many photos for one post, so I will continue tomorrow if I'm not too tired.


Judy Scott said...

What a wonderful day, the girls sound like lovely people ~ your collage is brilliant too, Judy :)

Sue B said...

What a great course to take. I am intrigued at how they translate the photo into a fabric collage - sounds like an interesting process.

marion said...

Looks like you're having great fun, Mags, especially the textured vessels, I'm with you, I'd have pinched the one with the gorgeous cloth...!!

Angelcat said...

This looks like a really interesting workshop. Your collage looks great.