Thursday, January 24, 2008

Take it Further Challenge

It may have seemed as if I had fallen at the first fence in Take it Further challenge January but I have been thinking a lot about this challenge. I chose Zandra Rhodes as someone I have admired for a long time. I sent away for her book the Art of Zandra Rhodes and in reading this book, have found why I love her work. We seem to love the same shapes! Curves are a great favourite of mine and Zandra started drawing her curves here in Wales while on holiday. she and a friend were knitting and she started playing around with the shape of stitches, which are of course curved. Even today she uses curves in her designs.

All this took me back many years when I started looking for work I did when I was doing City and Guilds Machine Knitting.

Around this time I had seen an exhibition of prints by a very talented man called Colin See-Paynton: Watercolorist & wood engraver. This worked appealed so much to me as I always doodle in curves and this exhibition had a lot of underwater scenes. The sample above is a cutting from a program that I used as inspiration. These prints cost a lot of money, but one day I would like to be able to buy one of them.

This sketch is one I made yesterday in preparation for my TIF work. I intend to create a screen print using curves as Zandra herself does.

These were part of my work for C&G on the sea and this morning I took a photo of waves lapping on the shore.

These photos are of my C&G story boards.


verobirdie said...

I'm in admiration: my nickname is Mrs Straight Lines, and although i'm trying to improve, even my curves look like straight lines!

Momo said...

Great work! I love the struktures in it!


Valeri said...

I love the way you are going with this. Zandra hated us to use straight lines at any time and I've been into curves ever since. That's not to say that I don't do straight but there has to be twirly with it. Love the colours too!

kay susan said...

What super design sheets! Lovely work.

Sandy said...

Nice curves. You'll get it done. Sandy

Tanguera said...

How wonderful to see the progression of your work. I especially love the very bottom work. Nice ooh, moment!

Gwen said...

I love what you are doing, I had never heard of Zandra before reading your blog. I love her fabrics and I have enjoyed seeing your work on your blog.

This post is glorious!