Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ton Schulsen

Dorfkirche am Niederrhein This is work by Ulla a friend of mine who is a wonderful quilter.

Here is my page of the calendar that I should be working on, but I'm afraid I still haven't started.
Today I need to make a start on many things. A special card for someone using my Zandra Rhodes theme as inspiration. A 7"x7" page for Alis Clair with Walk like an Egyptian as the theme and a Baroque arch for Arlee which has to be really funky, plus a few more very important things that just have to be finished soon!


Sue B said...

I do love Ulla's work. Such great color and shapes.

verobirdie said...

Ulla's work is really beautiful. I feel quite small in front of it.
The page of calendar you are supposed to work on is very inspiring I think.

Sandy said...

It's beautiful. Sandy