Sunday, February 24, 2008

A postcard day

This is just to show that my view is not always perfect! It was a very nasty morning, but looks a lot better by this afternoon.

as it was such a miserable day it was ideal weather to stay in and have some fun. I need to make a lot of Postcards during the next few months, so I decided to start them today using my Zandra Rhodes inspiration. I know she would never start by using such dark colours, but when I was doing my screen-printing for the TIFF challenge, I used the leftover printing medium on dark fabrics. Today I started over-printing them with brighter colours. Now I need to tack this one to a thin layer of batting and maybe there will be a few more additions to it before I start to free motion embroider it. Watch this space. It might only be fit for the bin, but it's fun and that's why I do all this.

Today I was tagged by Laurence Thank you Laurence for enjoying my blog so much. I enjoyed your blog and I also enjoyed the other blogs on your list in particular the Circle Design - Cd Histoires which I thought was a new (to me) idea to have a whole blog with circular work only.


Shirley Goodwin said...

Thanks for your good wishes.The works at the top of my blog entry are monoprints that I'm adding paint to - there is a completed one further down the page.

Sandy said...

More nice work with the Rhodes inspiration. SAndy

Nathalie L. pour Histoires de boites à couture said...

Thank you, Margareth for you visit on the blog Circle Design. You blog is fantastic, I love it. More inspiration from Textil Art.

Rosi said...

I am fascinated by your "nasty weather" photo. I hope you don't mind that I save it on my computer. The blurred view of the landscape is great.
The card you received from Emmy is gorgeous.
I like reading your blog.

... Paige said...

I enjoyed seeing the photo rain, clouds and all. Life is made up of so many things and to be able to have a glimpse of them is a gift.