Monday, March 31, 2008

Lotus arch and another treat

Here is the Egyptian Arch Alis Clair sent me. It is worked on rusted cotton and has a silk Lotus Flower and is extremely beautiful. Thanks Alis.

At the weekend I was going to Plas Tan y Bwlch on a course with this clever and enthusiastic Textile Artist-Bobby Britnell. Unfortunately I felt rather poorly about 3/4 of an hour into the class, completely hooked and raring to go, but I had to leave. Bad timing, I had a little bug which at any other time I could have coped with. I was so annoyed with myself. But these things happen and it could have been worse. Bobby sent me all her class Handouts which are very clear so I can have a play here at home and hopefully go and visit her at Moor Hall in rural South Shropshire before long. She also gave me a dozen of those lovely postcards of her work that you see on her website.
The photo above is of the view from my room at Plas in the pouring rain before I fell poorly. Can you see that meandering river and the flooded fields? Below you can see the rain pouring down!

Now for the other treat I have for you. These were sent me by my friend Mary Spence who was on a class with another spectacular tutor, whose course I must join next time she comes. She is Louise Gardiner, she does Embroidered Art and Illustration with Public and private commissions. I have been a great admirer of her work for a few years now.
I don't have Mary's permission to show you these, but I know she'll forgive me. Won't you Mary? This is some of the work done by the class over the weekend. You will know two of them, but I don't know who the others are by I'm afraid.

This one is by Joan Park, my friend from SerenTex who has written an article for the next issue of Fibre & Stitch - An Online Mixed Media Zine It's fantastic Joan! She's wonderful and just look at those dogs.

This one is by Mary Spence who is also writing for Fibre & Stitch Zine in the next issue. This one is so funny that I even recognise some of them, I really do. I have such talented friends.

Sorry I can't name you, you are all worth a mention. Fantastic work and I hope you will forgive me for posting them here. It's so obvious you had a wonderful weekend. Sorry I missed it all, but there will be another time.
There was one other tutor Claire Muir, I spoke to her a couple of times in my few hours there and I can imagine her class also had a great time, but I didn't see any of her work unfortunately as it does look spectacular on her website.


Sue B said...

oh that view! And those embroidery's are fabulous. Of course you know I love the one with the dogs the best!

Annette J said...

What a wonderful collection of embroiderers and so cheerful and amusing. Hope you are getting over your bug by now. I've been grounded by my gp, no washing, ironing etc only allowed to sew. What a difficult task.

Hope your sil is getting over her hip op.

Kim said...

The embroideries are wonderful and fun.

Gina said...

What a shame you had to miss the class - do hope you are feeling better Mags. Lovely work you've shared - the stitched illustrations are amazing.

hippopip said...

Sorry to here that you have been unwell, it often happens after all the effort of looking after someone else hope you are fit and well soon, \pippa

Genie said...

Hope your feeling better, some lovely work as you say a very talented lot. Jean

Penny said...

So Sorry you couldnt enjoy your class but the view is wonderful and the embroideries are a hoot.

Alis said...

Those embroideries are fantastic.

Glad you like the arch and I hope you feel better soon.