Friday, March 21, 2008

March TIF

Today has been extremely busy and it's been just like a laundry here, but the worst is over I think and now I just need to finish drying and then ironing the whole contents of an airing cupboard! All this came about due to a burst water cylinder in my sister in law's airing cupboard, she herself has been in hospital for the last fortnight having a hip replacement.

I went up to my workroom for half an hour to see if my idea for this month's TIF challenge was going to work, now this is as far as I have gone, the ribbons have all been placed on black fabric temporarily, I will probably move a few of them before I'm happy. Now where does it go from here I wonder?


hippopip said...

Well I hope your halo is glowing after sorting out that airing cupboard,have a good restful Easter Pippa

Sue B said...

oh my goodness Mags, what a way to spend the day.

Helen Suzanne said...

oo sorry to hear you've had all that chaos to deal with. I'm glad someone was kind enough to sort it out for her ;)) sxwtlu