Thursday, March 13, 2008

SerenTex meeting

I forgot to mention I had put up two new posts on the SerenTex website.

This is a batik that Rosemary is stitching into.

And this one is Gaynor's work in progress inspired by Ton Schulten


Gunnels blog said...

You ladies in "SerenTex meeting" are very talented! so much beautiful work to look at!
thank you for your comment about my quilts on my blog!

popinsman said...

i never knew there could be a blog on stitching

Clevelandgirlie said...

I do look forward to your SerenTex meetings. I'll be you didn't even know that I attend those!!! I visit them all the time. You are truly blessed to be part of such a wonderfully talented and similar-minded group of ladies. I do love your blog Margaret.

Ali Honey said...

Hi Margaret, Your Cariad Mam is lovely and the work the Serentex ladies have been doing lately is brilliant - Please tell them all I said so.

The colours Gaynor has used on the black are devine. Wow.