Monday, May 05, 2008

An award of Excellence and a Late April TIF

Jean of Genies Art World
was kind enough to present me with an Award of Excellence on May the first, but it's taken me until now to download the image. I am thrilled, thanks Jean.

I am very late with my Take it further challenge for April I had intended to cut up some of my old embroideries and put them together in a more modern way to show how things change over the years, but when it came to the crunch I couldn't do it. Instead I used a WIP that was started 53 years ago. The intention had been at the time to make my mother a set of chairbacks which were fashionable then. I had created a design and painted it onto linen crash fabric. I finished one chairback which was later framed and hung on my bedroom wall for a few years. one of the others was painted ready to stitch, but has waited for over 50 years before being finished. I spent 5 hours machine stitching this piece to match the first one. If your eyesight is bad and you stand well away fron them both together they look very similar.

This is the one I finished today using free machine embroidery throughout and I do hope I won't upset any purists among you by using a sewing machine to stitch a Jacobean design. The first one isn't really a proper Jacobean design, just something I put together from a magazine image.

Here is the one finished around 1957. I would not have dreamt it would be possible to do this at that time as the sewing machine was only used to repair houshold items and make clothes. But this is not the end of the story, I am going to print this out a few times and will then cut it up and put it together again, when I'm happy with the result I will cut the embroidery. Something else unheard of in those days. Lets see what happens. It won't matter if this one is spoilt, but I would have been upset if my other work had been destroyed for nothing.

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margaret said...

So interesting to see the finished product, then keep reading and get back to the starting point - with "all that history"! I'm not surprised you couldn't cut up the actual embroidery - it would feel like murder....