Saturday, May 03, 2008

Good day

I'm having a very good day today apart form writing e mails to a couple of lists when I thought I was sending them private! I think I must be a bit tired and in need of a holiday! Never mind, no harm done.
I just finished these two paper quilts on my Paper Quilting course with Terri of StegArt. I have really enjoyed making them. I started off on the wrong foot, I used poor quality tissue paper which kept ripping and disintegrating, but once I got going I really enjoyed it. These are going to be the cover for a journal and were inspired by Zandra Rhodes again. I can think of all sorts of things this fabric can be used for.
Terri is offering the Paper Quilting class again through Joggles starting July 9.
They are great lessons and the instructions clear and easy to follow. Yesterday was the last day for this class' registration.


Sandy said...

What a nice quilt. Who knew we would use paper in such creative ways. Can't throw anything out!

Sue B said...

Great colors in this Mags, I like what you've done here.

StegArt said...

These look great. I love the purpley colored paper.

Alis said...

I just love these Mags. Great colours and great feel to them.