Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Take It Further Challenge - June

No Micki of Fiber Art: If I Create It, Will They Come?, mine is not the red one! I thought I would catch you out. My friends know I have a liking for a red, orange, yellow scheme with a bit of black added somewhere. Flame colours really. But I do have other favourites and this time I chose these colours for my class with Margaret Beal. Have a look at Micki's lovely blog if you haven't visited before, she does some very beautiful work using her embellisher.

This is the clever lady who made the red piece of work shown in this gallery here Digital Gran: Margaret Beal

Take it Further in June « In a Minute Ago
Here speaks the Queen of all stashes! With a long and happy story behind them all. I have so many interests and they all need a stash don't they? The list is long and the details will bore you, but my interests are continually developing. I wouldn't say they were changing, they are all along the same lines.

Starting with Art, which has it's own stash of various papers, sketchbooks, pencils, paints...need I go further?
Embroidery with the fabrics and threads needed in all thicknesses, colours and textures.
Then there is Machine Knitting, after nearly 40 years I had to get rid of my machines, just a small matter of space. But can I get myself to get rid of my lovely cones? No way! There are black plastic bags full of them in the eaves. They will come in useful for embroidery, embellishing, cords and so on. I also love hand knitting and I intend to use those cones using 3 strands together to make beautiful knitwear (some day).
Crazy Quilting set me off buying and dyeing lovely cotton fabrics.
Journaling needs a stash of lovely papers.
Machine embroidery has to have embroidery threads in every colour.
I could go on and on with this list. All these interests also bring along an extra stash of like minded friends whom I love and have to keep in touch with, some nearly every day. Can you wonder I don't have time to use my stashes of stuff? My husband says I will not be able to use them if I live to be 200 years old. There are more staches. What about beading, card making, felting using the embellisher and.... This is the story of my life here!


jordiw said...

Let's see.. the main one I don't have are the cones of knitting machine yarn, other than that I think I can match you in diversity if not in quantity. Gill will have to assess quantity when she comes eventually. When I moved one of my helpers asked if I thought they were not going to make paper any more?

Micki said...

Well I would have bet my life that the red one was yours, but I do love the one that you created. I suppose we all stray from our "favorite colors" from time to to, at least I know I do. Thanks so much for the nod to my blog.

I have a pretty varied stash myself, but then don't we all. I keep saying I have enough stuff to open a craft store. ;-)

Sue B said...

I owe everything I am and am able to create to the wide variety in my stash :)

Sandy said...

Your piece is wonderful.
Stashes are very necessary. Mine is along the lines of yours.