Friday, August 22, 2008

Meeting up with Sue!

Sue The Magic Armchair Traveller in Stitches is the lady who commented about the tidiness of my workroom in the last post. She's on the right of the photo here and her daughter Anna is in the middle. The photo was taken by Sue's husband in the Towerhouse restaurant in Conwy, North Wales and the view through the window shows where I live on the opposite side of the river.
I walked over the bridge to meet Sue and her family and was caught in a heavy shower, hence the very flat hairstyle I have.
We'd never met each other before except by email, but we got on so well I ended up asking Sue and her family over to the flat. So she really did see my workroom and flat when I hadn't been expecting visitors. AND she still thought it was tidy!

I am very lucky to have a chance to blog at all this evening as my two grandsons have been playing games on the laptops as you can see. But I've nearly finished the workroom so they can go up to play there tomorrow instead of playing computer games. If the weather is dry they want to go on the beach. I do hope the sun comes out for them.


Gina said...

Hope you get to go to the beach Mags.

NuvoFelt said...

Isn't Sue lovely, Mags, and Sue, isn't Mags lovely too ....;)

Penny said...

Love the bags and I am so glad they made it to the Fibre and Stitch no 5 which I have just downloaded, this is a great issue.
I really love looking at where you live, maybe if I get to
Wales next October we can meet too.

Helen Suzanne said...

what a lovely meet up you must have had.
congratulations on a great article in fibre and stitch. I like the way you've sandwiched the rovings rather than felted them.