Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Eye candy from the Festival of Quilts

Here are more photos of wonderful quilts. Isn't this top one fantastic?
I'm exhausted tonight so not a lot of talk! The workroom is still in a mess even though I have worked on it all day. Tomorrow I have two young grandsons coming to stay and they love going up there to paint and make things. I promised them it would be tidy enough for them to go there while they are on holiday. The last few times I've had to tell them I had too many things around for them to go up.


Sue said...

Blog warning:
I Don't think she knows what a real mess is (but then, she hasn't seen my house....)! It is a delightful environment for creativity, is what it is. Please come and untidy my place, Digital Gran, if your studio is untidy.

MargaretR said...

LOL, Sue you had me going then! After reading the first sentence I thought, what I'd done to deserve that! You'd have a pleasnt surprise if you called now as it's getting together quite nicely. I have put things nearer to where I use them. They were all over the place.

Jacquelines blog said...

I really can't believe it Margaret. You saw so many quilts that I didn't see???? Maybe I only had eyes for the shops LOL

Anonymous said...

Please come and visit my blog I have Awards for you xx
Paid a poeni os wy ti ddim eisiau passio nhw ymlaen mae o yn lot o waith dwin gwybod .xx

hippopip said...

Sorry about this but I have just given you the same award as sega,but I cant write it in welsh!Pippa