Monday, August 18, 2008

New logo

You might have noticed I have a new logo on the sidebar?
I was so pleased to receive an email from the editor of Blogged saying she had given me an 8.0 grading which is 'Great' in her review.
Editor reviews are provided by professional editors who evaluate a blog based on the following criteria: Frequency of Updates, Relevance of Content, Site Design, and Writing Style.
Perhaps if you enjoy my blog you could help me to get an even better grade by giving me your review?
Perhaps you would like to see what I spent my money on at the Festival of Quilts show?
There were so many wonderful Quilts to look at and so many things to see that in the end I rushed my shopping.
My first bit of shopping was with Myfanwy of Winifred Cottage - Supplying Textile Artists Worldwide where I bought all these goodies below. Beautiful Pearl threads, Embellisher Rolls which are lovely dyed natural fabrics for the embellisher dyed by Myfanwy and 2 skeins of Collinette wool.

I nearly missed seeing Maggie and Clive. It is always such a pleasure to see them. I loved seeing Maggie's work for real and it's even better than it looks in the book Image to Stitch! She also made me spend my money on some InkAid. I bought the book Digital Studio when it first came out and read about the wonderful InkAID, but it was not easily available at the time. Unfortunately Art Van Go had run out of the white InkAid that Maggie used, but I was assured that the clear stuff was even more useful as you can add colour to it. I haven't tried it out yet though. Maggie's samples on fabric looked exciting.

At Art Van Go and more Merino wool tops.

The next stop was with June Barnes where I bought her new book Stitching to Dye in Quilt Art she is a very talented lady. The quilt at the beginning of this post is her work and one of my favourite pieces in the show.
I then stopped with Linda and Laura Kemshall website here Linda Kemshall What's New and bought this wonderful book The Painted Quilt. I was very tempted to spend a lot of money here. I also bought an Egyptian template from Laura Trapsuutjies Textielverf. Laura lives in Belgium and I already have her Textile Paints and I love the new template.

Below are two books I bought when I went to Cardiff last weekend.
Collage Sourcebook and Felt to Stitch by Sheila Smith


Gina said...

I think you should win a prize for the most purchases at the FOQ Mags! Lots of lovely goodies to read and play with! Congratulations on your blogging award - well deserved!

Sue B said...

Wow Mags, that's quite a bundle of goodies you got!

hippopip said...

Congrats on being blogged, I think your purchases show great restraint I got tempted with the thermofax images. I do agree with you about June`s quilt it was superb and so tactile

Helen Suzanne said...

wonderful choice of purchases Mags!

Genie said...

Good taste in books! I have both those. Glad you had a great time and Congrats on blogging award.

fiona d said...

what a lovely pile of things! The Stitching to Dye book looks luscious, I am so tempted by that now!!

Aussie Jo said...

What a wonderful stash of books, I'm very jealous. I've had to stop buying books for now as I have nowhere to store them, until some of the four children move out. (Not likely for a few years yet!)

Sarah Jayne said...

And I thought I'd bought alot at FoQ LOL.... sounds like you had a great time.

Jackie said...

The more I see pictures of FoQ the more I think I must have had my eyes shut! I missed such a lot..including you.