Monday, October 06, 2008

Decaying Catalogue

To avoid confusion about the contents of my last post. Firstly, no, I'm not really mad, just sound a bit mad at times. Maggie Grey has not told us to dry out our catalogues yet, it's just that I felt this one had been weathered a little too much as it was and I decided to dry it out. Wait for the signal from Maggie before bringing all the catalogues in to dry! I think it will be a while yet before she does that. I just read on magstitch that it might be a good idea to spray the catalogue generously with disinfectant and I have just given this one a liberal spray of floral disinfectant!

I also took this photo of "my" castle while I was out yesterday.


Ali Honey said...

Ah, this is indeed intriguing!

( that's a lovely photo of you )

Heather said...

The photo of your castle is just beautiful - I can't wait to get to grips with a digital camera and have been promised one as soon as I say the word. Lucky me. My catalogue is still in the garden and is now so wet I am not sure I'll be able to lift it up!! Perhaps a shovel and half an hour each side on the barbeque might help.

Annette J said...

The birds are reading my Argos catalogue so I'll leave the spraying until Maggie says bring it in. If I'd had your catalogue though I might have been tempted to wash it. Luv annette

Deb H said...

Is that Cowparsnip in the foreground? It looks like the stuff growing around my yard.

Your castle is lovely!

Aussie Jo said...

Great job finding the catalogue. I must keep my eyes open when walking. Because we live in a rural area we don't receive any junk mail so I have no decent sized catalogues. I have ordered Maggie's book with my birthday money so I'm going to need one!