Friday, October 31, 2008

The post

I have been very busy recently with non creative work and I don't have any work of my own to show just now apart from the work that is going to be in the SerenTex exhibition showing in the Rhuddlan Library Gallery from November the 8th until December the 20th. This a map to help you find Rhuddlan Library
9 Vicarage Lane,
Clwyd, LL18 2UE

The postman brought me all these goodies this week.
The arch on the left was from Hannah in Australia who has just had a holiday in the UK. It's lovely. This is her blog Textile Artist at Work She also has a website hannahkatarski

The arch on the right is another fantastic arch sent by Kate North Kate's Quilting (& other fibre arts) Blog
from London. Thanks you both.
The beautiful postcard in the front came from the the USA. Nadine is a Canadian from Montreal who is just settling down after her move to San Fransisco. Nadine Fenton is a jewellery maker who also loves knitting. This is her blog Knitting with a Poodle


... Paige said...

I so totally love the Egyptian one!

Deb H said...

What a nice bundle of goodies. The best kind of mail to recieve!

I love the leaves on the previous post too.

Heather said...

What lovely treasures - the Egyptian themed arch is gorgeous. Hope your exhibition goes well next week. My group has one coming up in about a fortnight.

Helen Suzanne said...

I like your post mags. Is the arches thing still on going?

Emmy said...

beautiful art work

Heather said...

I am suffering withdrawal symptoms with the lack of posts on your blog! Do hope all is well and that you will have time to spare soon. It's a bit much isn't it, when you can't just be left in peace for a while!! Best wishes, Heather.

meggie said...

Looking at all the inspiration in your posts, I see I really need to get out more!!

Heather said...

It was so good to find your comment on my blog Margaret - I was getting quite worried on your behalf. Looking forward to your return when you have the time and inclination. Hope your exhibition is a going well. Ours was on for such a short time, some of us wondered if it was worth all that effort. It was.