Thursday, December 18, 2008

Champion Procrastinator!

I just looked out of the window and had to take a photo, the rain is pouring down and it's quite stormy weather. This is the sort of evening I love when I'm comfy and warm inside There are of course many unfortunate people out there and I must try not to be so selfish. I was brought up in a Quarrying area when snow meant that the quarrymen would be be weeks out of work and at the time they lost a lot of money as they were paid by the amount of slate they managed to turn out. When I got very excited and looked forward to heavy snowfalls, I was always told off by my mother for being so selfish.

Champion Procrastinator! That's me usually I'm afraid, but I'm pleased to tell you that I am well ahead with my Christmas preparations this year and I can truly say I have never been this far ahead before. Maybe the little break I took has done me a world of good? My cake is ready to decorate, I have made two lots of mince pies and the few cards I send and the gifts are all ready packed, some of them have even been delivered.

I'm so pleased with the response to my Christmas card in my last post, thank you all for taking the time to comment at such a busy time of the year. Like minded people like yourselves appreciate it, but I'm not so sure the recipients will.


Heather said...

I am well on course for Christmas too, but it's probably because there will be just the two of us this year. If I had a houseful coming I'd be running around like a headless chicken. I'm letting Marks and Sparks do the brunt of the catering this year, I hope they don't let us down. I feel quite guilty about it and have never done such a thing before.

Deb H said...

So did your mother think just by enjoying the snow, it was somehow your fault? Is it selfish to enjoy a moment of any sort, when you didn't cause someone elses sorrows?

I think you should feel free to enjoy every moment!

I love your card too. I think your gifting instead mailing so many is a wonderful idea!

Helen Suzanne said...

beautiful colours in your photograph Mags :D

I enjoy that cosy indoors feeling too Mags when the rain and wind are cavorting around outside. Thoughts are spared for those who have to work in it too, and I try to turn that guilty tingle into a thank you sent out to them :D

Well done on being ahead in your preparations too!