Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fish and fairies

I would love to get my last arches finished and sent before the end of December and I thought things were going quite well. I finished my fairy for Alis and was checking the address which I had already written on the envelope and realised that Alis does not like lime green! The one I made has lots of lime green in it which doesn't show in this photo, but I will now make her another in the correct colours. Sorry Alis.

I decided to drop some threads on fabric and use the embellisher, but these things don't just happen to order. I just managed to get some sort of hair and body together.
Anyway I'm afraid she's a little bit pregnant as well and should have known better at her age. Next time I will use her younger sister.

And give her the right colours. Maybe something like this Alis?

The next arch has a good choice of things I could use, but I was thinking about it and sort of doodled this angel fish. I think it has possibilities. Another arch is going to have a Victorian theme and I have decided what to do. Once I decide it all comes together fairly easily. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Sandy said...

I do love the angle fish. The fairie looks good to me.

maggi said...

Love the idea of pregnant fairies and the angel fish is so cute

Heather said...

With such a great pair of legs like that, your fairy is obviously a fallen angel! The fish is great and a combination of the two might give rise to a mermaid!

Cathy W said...

Such a cute little fairy girl for Alis! I love the sweet angel fish too. and your holiday card is the best! I may have to try out someone's embellisher as you're definitely giving me ideas of what it is capable of creating!!!

Great work on your last arches -- I've got two to finish and then I'll be complete. Yea!