Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Lucky me!

These are the Christmas Cards we brought each other to the SerenTex meeting today.

We had a lovely time chatting, eating cakes and chocolates and looking at slideshows of some of our photos.
We also had a wonderful treat when Mary shared her latest project with us. Mary has a big exhibition of her work at this time next year and I know it will be a great success. I took some photos, but I must not spoil the exhibition by showing any of the work now.

This is a gift Mary gave me. Isn't it lovely?

This is a waistcoat I have just finished. I wore it to the meeting and they all loved it and wanted to make one, so maybe it will become the SerenTex uniform!

I thought somone might like to see the tablecloth I mentioned in my last post!


Gina said...

What a lovely meeting you had and don't you look fabulous! Love the waistcoat.

Guzzisue said...

the idea of a textile grouo having a uniform made me smile, I think you are going to have a wonderful Christmas :-)

Sue said...

So if I wanted to knit one too, would I be allowed if I'm not a member of Serentex? And if so, where would I find the pattern?
Glad you had a good time!

Sandy said...

Sounds like a great day-nice cards and gift.

MixPix said...

Welcome back - I have missed you! Your are so fortunate to have stitching buddies close by - since I moved to the S of France, I've missed mine but thank heavens for blogs - now I feel part of the global group of enthusiasts and although it's not as nice as sharing cakes together, it is still inspirational. Hope you have a very happy christmas & holiday season.

Heather said...

Beautiful cards, lovely eats and a delightful elephant textile - is it a cushion cover or to hang? I think your waistcoat is a great success. It's not often that a garment is cosy and practical yet at the same time very stylish and unusual - very wearable, I could live in something like that!

Heather said...

I nearly forgot your lovely tablecloth - it is so nice to have a special festive one and your simple but elegant design will look good with whatever china you use with it.

Alis said...

Sounds like a great and very well dressed meeting ;0)
It is a lovely waistcoat.

What a gorgeous present. Lucky you.

Anonymous said...

Margret ! Am lot o pethay Lovely yn dwtin Lwcus !!
gan sesga x

Genie said...

happy Christmas margaret,
lovely cards, gift and waistcoat

Annette J said...

You all look as though you have enjoyed yourselves. What a wonderful selection of goodies and can I knit your waitcoat too please.

Luv Annette

Jackie said...

How fabulous you look! Wow what a gran!
Your icon doesn't do you justice. Love your waistcoat.