Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Snowflake and Snow Crystal Photographs

We haven't had a lot of snow here in North Wales up to now, but this is the view from my window this morning and it looks quite pretty. I love snow, but some hate it especially when it turns slushy. My DH is one of these people.

This is a closeup of one of the mountains with the sun shining on the snow.

It's difficult to believe that snow is made up of millions of snowflakes, each one different. Have a look at this wonderful website of snowflakes. Snowflake and Snow Crystal Photographs

I am particularly excited about these particular images because today a friend of mine bought a microscope on my behalf. I want to be able to take microscopic closeups of various things and you may have noticed that I have shown photos of Microscopic Photos in my sidebar for the last few months. Taking photos of snowflakes might never be possible for me, but I do hope to be able to play a lot and hopefully learn how to use my new toy very soon.

The kind person who bought this for me and is posting it tomorrow is Anita Bruce She has a degree in zoology and recently took a degree in textiles which involved experimenting using biological science and creating textile art from the inspiration. Take a look at her wonderful Slideshow here.


Heather said...

Snow capped mountains make a wonderful backdrop. I am surprised you haven't had much snow when other parts of the UK have had so much. Hope your microscope arrives safely - you will have such fun with it. I can remember when our son had one many years ago and we made slides from all sorts of things.

maggi said...

Thanks for the link to Anita Bruce. Her work is amazing. Enjoy your microscope - I suspect it will lead to lots of new and exciting projects.

JaneO said...

Lovely pictures - we had a miserable 1/2 inch of snow on Monday then back to rain, barely enough time to make a snowball. I am so grateful for the snowflake link; I remember seeing a book of snowflake photos when I was little and fell in love with it.

coral-seas said...

Oh those beautiful crystals. I bought a book of those photographs a few years ago for my brother, who appreciates these things as much as I do. Thank you for the reminder.

I was very disappointed at the miserable amount of snow we had in Oxford earlier this week but expect me to moan loudly tomorrow if the weather prevents me from getting to Manchester!


Dorothy said...

Hi M,
Love the pictures you have here, and the snowflake site you quoted. many years ago, at work, I had access to a microsope with a special stage that let me make some primitive versions of these. Wish I still had it!

Alis said...

Like you I love the snow when it is fresh and crisp not slushy.
The seaside mostly gets slushy doesn't it.

For the first time I remember though, Ilfracombe was at a standstill due to snow and not being able to get up the hills.
All gone now but fun while it lasted.

Enjoy your microscope.