Thursday, January 15, 2009

Works of art

Over the last few months the postman has brought me some lovely little 'works of art'.

This lovely work at the top is from Laura of Fantastic Fabric in Belgium, who also has an on line shop here Trapsuutjies Textielverf. One of the ATC's I'm just making will hopefully be sent to her in return shortly.

These were a lovely surprise from Sandy at Dangling by a Thread who will also be having one of mine soon.

This was sent by Deb H of Cold Feet Quilter all the way from Alaska, and it so beautifully textured. So another ATC on it's way to Deb.

This is one of the latest to arrive and is from Marga of Margas Crafts. This one is so beautiful and came in it's own special stitched envelope, seen behind the ATC in this photo.

I'm expecting a few more 'little works of art' before the end of January. But first I must try and make cards that are worth sending to these very creative ladies.

This little chap came to visit us at our SerenTex meeting yesterday and I took the photo through the window.


maggi said...

The ATCs are beautiful

Sandy said...

You certainly received a lot of treasures.

Heather said...

What a lovely collection of ATC's you must have - each one is a little work of art. Your squirrel looks very content, as well he may be - probably full of peanuts put out for the birds. The ones that visit our garden are forever chewing right through the metal mesh of the nut feeders, even those supposed to be squirrel proof. They are so entertaining to watch though, and we don't begrudge them a feed especially when the weather is cold.

Genie said...

some beautiful ATC's in the post Margaret.

Feltique said...

Thanks for the lovely comments. Your blog is one of my favourites I read what you are up to every week.Keep up the inspirational work.