Sunday, February 01, 2009


Some photos from this last week.

Now where has 'my' castle gone to?

It used to be here and looked like this!

Ah! It's still there.

I'm so glad I finished this in time for the cold snap we're having. It's a free pattern and can be found here Knitty: Winter 2007 - Tudora I made the Cuffs to match by casting on 48 stitches and knitting them as long as I felt I needed. I wore them this morning and was very pleased, especially the asymetrical scarf.

Each cold spell this crochet square blanket comes out and goes on top of the duvet. It was made for me by my lovely mother in law who died more than 25 years ago. We got on so well and we both enjoyed the same things. She was almost 90 when she died and was making this until the end when she fell and broke her hip. It still needed a lot of squares to finish it, so during the next few months I finished it myself.

The most boring part was stitching it all together. What brought this on was reading Gina's Fan My Flame blog last night and seeing the lovely hexagonal crochet quilt. I love Gina's blog and I'm always inspired by her work. Thank you Gina. I don't think I will be able to resist this one either.

I'd sent for this CD 'Paper and Beyond' by Maggie Grey and Jane Wild. I didn't send for it the first time round, but it is now for sale again here Paper & Beyond Page. I'm really enjoying it.


Jenny said...

Margaret those crochet blankets are so warm. Also fun to do as they use up heaps of "bits". Hope it is not too cold for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mags, how wonderful to have a blanket with lovely memories. I also have a very old blanket which my grandmother started and my mother completed. It's very special to me. We are also expecting another cold spell!

Jacquelines blog said...

My grandmother used to make blankets like that, I almost forgot about them! Your pictures are gorgeous Mags.

Gina said...

Your blanket is beautiful Mags and wonderful that it holds special memories. My boys have blankets made by my grandmother. They are so cosy and warm.

Sue B said...

That crochet blanket is amazing! I can't imagine sewing all those squares together.

Alis said...

Isn't it eerie when parts of the landscape disappears into the mist.
We loose a very large hill - a lot!!

How lucky you are to have such a beautiful blanket.
Snuggle up.

Sandy said...

I have that style afghan too made by my grandmother. Aren't they special? That's a great scarf-must check the site more often.

Heather said...

Your crocheted blanket reminds me of one I had years ago when the children were small - one of my aunts made it for me. The children used to call it the 'poorly blanket' as it was perfect for making up a day bed on the sofa when they weren't well. They are so cosy when you need an extra bit of warmth. Love the cuffs and scarf too and the CD. It has some great ideas. Keep warm, Heather.

Genie said...

lovely blanket, have you had the snow?