Thursday, February 05, 2009

City and Guilds memories

There were some wonderful photos of a Kingfisher in the Daily Mail on February 2nd and of course I have saved the pages. Then I thought I'd check the Mail website for them. They are stunning. This image above is a tiny clip from the website which is too small for anyone to print out. I was not quite sure where I stood with permission for showing the photos. You will find the photos here Dinner? It’s fast food from the deep freeze | Mail Online I Googled for it using the words 'Daily Mail and kingfisher' and came up with some other good photos. If anyone is interested have a look at this one, which is very unusual behaviour for any bird. The kingfisher who came to tea: Britain's shyest bird makes himself at home in kitchen | Mail Online These photos are even better! Catch of the day: How a tiny kingfisher caught six different types of fish in two hours | Mail Online They are worth a visit if only for the beautiful colours and the graceful lines of these birds as they dive and swoop. You will even see them diving deep in the water.

Now some of you might wonder why I'm so excited about these photos? They reminded me of the work of one my favourite artists, a wood engraver whose website can be seen here.
Colin See-Paynton: Watercolorist & wood engraver whose work inspired some of my City and Guilds work years ago.

I was enjoying this work so much I made 3 boards! There is nothing I enjoy more than having a pencil in my hand and just curve and curve to my heart's content. I just love curves.

I'm sorry I was rather carried away with this post.


... Paige said...

Beautiful work, borrowed photos and all. It is fine to "get carried away" every now and then...
it shows your free spirit and willingness to push the boundaries of norm.

Fran├žoise said...

This is lovely Mags.
Beautiful colours and curves!

Aussie Jo said...

It's very interesting to see the process of thought and inspiration. I love your felted piece, it ties all your inspiration together beautifully.

Dorothy said...

Don't be sorry M... that is lovely work. I shall go and peruse the web sites later.
Funnily enough one of my earliest paintings is of a Kingfisher... my elder sister still has it on her wall!

Sandy said...

I love your curves. They are so versatile, and you do great things with them.

MargB said...

this is wonderful work - I love it