Saturday, February 07, 2009

More raindrops with PSP9

I've had a lot of fun creating these little raindrops in PaintShopPro 9. They are not difficult for someone with a bit of experience in using the programme and I have promised a few people who are interested to try and explain how I do it. It's not a beginner's lesson!

This one is an evening raindrop.

This is the part of the program being used for this (vector).
You will need a suitable photo of scenery. My file was 5"x4" and 200dpi.

Open the Preset Shape Tool, choose 'callout 3' from the list and drag it to the required size. It will or should be white.

Flip the shape.

Using the Pen Tool, re-shape it to look like a raindrop using the 'nodes'.

Lower the opacity and you can see what's happening. Double click on the Layer with the drop on and try out different Blend Modes. Lighten, Soft light or Dodge might give you what you are looking for. I don't promise you success, but have a little play to see what happens and try some of the filters to finish it off. I used Lights from Illumination Effects for one of them.

I've been thinking about Helen's Today's Title which is 'A meeting of opposites'. This one made me think of some Welsh proverbs which don't sound like anything at all translated.

'Two men have a better chance of meeting than two mountains'.

'A tiny man is stronger than a mountain of a woman'. I did once make a cartoon depicting this and will try and find it.

But what struck me most is something that is happening at the moment in our Global Village. I have good Australian friends, some I have met others only through a webcam. They are at the opposite end of the world feeling the intense heat and we are here in the snow feeling cold. How's that for a meeting of opposites? Rather difficult to portray.

Instead I'm taking the easy way out and posting a photo of a sunset - A meeting of day and night.


Hilary Metcalf said...

Oh for some raindrops here Mags - not only are we feeling the intense heat, but so far, 36 people have died in horrible circumstances in the fires raging through Victoria. Ice and snow are nasty but nothing kills like fire.
Hilary in Oz, where I am sweltering, but at least my life isn't in danger.

Aussie Jo said...

Thank you for your little tutorial Margaret, I absolutely love that effect.
Your summary of opposites is very apt. The death toll here in Victoria is now at 66, and we still have at least a month of hot weather to go.
We took the children to the snow a couple of years ago and stayed at a town called Marysville, the whole town has burnt down!
We are currently declared in a state of emergency. I'm off to give blood tomorrow to help the burns victims in Melbourne.

Annette J said...

Thanks for the tutorial Mags I'll give it a go. Love the effect you have created and the evening sunset. Luv annette

Helen Suzanne said...

I love that first raindrop picture. Very effective.

MargaretR said...

Thanks to everyone for their comments. You Australians are all so brave in the light of what is happening over there. It must be an effort just to think in that terrible heat and worse to hear of all the tragedies surrounding you just now.

Alis said...

Great raindrops Mags.
Photoshop gives me the jitters!

We have close friends in OZ and they are sooo hot. We think of them, and all the others affected, very often.

Genie said...

lovely raindrops margaret.

Jacquelines blog said...

What a beautiful effect you got with that Mags. Especially the top one.