Thursday, February 26, 2009

PTB motif

This is what I have been playing with tonight using my favourite motif from Plas Tan y Bwlch.
My birthday is not until Friday, but thanks to everyone who sent good wishes. I am able to connect to the Internet, but it is rather inconvenient as I have to go down to the hotel lounge to do it. The blog is written using Microsoft Word which is transferred to Blogger in the lounge.
Teidi is the highest mountain in Spain, it is a Volcano and was active as late as the 18th century. As the plane approached Tenerife I caught a sight of it above the clouds and hurriedly grabbed my camera.

Mount Teidi (volcano)

Wind farm

I also took a quick photo of a wind farm as we were landing. It’s not very good quality I’m afraid.

Palm tree
This looks like a very ordinary tree, but when I looked at the trunk I found it so inspiring. Here is a small sample for you.

Tree trunk.


... Paige said...

beautiful. and a pretty good shot of the mountain.
wind farm, we have those but I did not think to call them that.
be safe and have lots of fun

Gina said...

Fantastic shot of Mount Teidi. Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Margaret, those photos through the plane window have come out well - Mt.Teidi is beautiful. What lovely tones and textures on the palm tree trunk - very inspirational. Thankyou for thinking of us and sharing your pictures even though you are on holiday. Hope you have a great time.

Sue B said...

great photos Mags, that shot of the mountain is very cool.

Stitchety Grub said...

Oh Wow this brings back memories - my Hubby and I had our Honeymoon in Tenerife and went up Mount Teidi - it'll be 24 years ago in April! hehe!
Thanks for teh reminisce
Cheers Britt in Australia

Aussie Jo said...

Great photo of the volcano, it's hard to get a decent shot out of a plane window with the reflection off the glass.

Alis said...

Great photo's Mags.
My parents love Tenerife.
Have a great time.