Friday, March 20, 2009

Tonight's sunset

The sunset was again quite spectacular, but so different from last night's. There were some seagulls around and I kept hoping one of them would fly in front of the sun for me. I enlarged a small part to show you how close I got to a great shot! I kept taking one photo after another until it disappeared behind the hill.

Here is what I received from a Ragged Old Blogger called Heather (smile) this morning. We traded ATC cards, but I had a bonus when she sent me both these lovely samples of textile art.

I've been out all day, but I did do some Encaustic art yesterday and I just had to show you my grass and seagulls. These are close-ups of a small card and I do hope our tutor, who was Dianne Sawyer from Somerset will take a peep at them as she was so good when I had problems with the flick of the wrist needed to make these. But I think I might have got it at last. Thanks for a great class Dianne.


Heather said...

Those sunset shots are really spectacular Mags, and your encaustic art birds are too - your tutor should be delighted with your success. Glad you liked the ATC and card.

Jackie said...

Fabulous sunsets pics. I think I prefer the subtler sunsets.It was very big here last night too.The sun I mean!

Sue B said...

gorgeous photos Mags and I am loving what you're doing with the encaustic art techniques.

Sandy said...

Lovely sunset and moon. Your encaustic is very nice.