Thursday, April 02, 2009

Betws y Coed

I am very proud to have had this Award from Marlis who has a great blog here TEXTILEARTAND.

Sunday was such a sunny and warm day we decided to go to Betws y Coed, a favourite beauty spot. I took lots of photos, but as usual the favourites were the macros. These are close-ups of textures on trees. I have a dozen, but I don't suppose you want to see them all do you?

Betws y Coed is very popular with the bikers and there are always crowds of them there at the weekends. I think they love riding along all the twisty country roads. What struck me was, how careful they all were of their helmets and bike stuff. They were all standing around but they put all their crash helmets on the circular seat. We had a motor bike at one time and how I loved riding it.

Helen of heb-art journal has shown some wonderful black and white photos on her blog and I thought I'd show you one of mine. I have a Gocco printer as yet unused. I must send away for more bulbs and as I have just 2, they are so precious I don't want to waste them on a poor print, so I have prepared loads of them to choose from.


Annette J said...

I love the way the flower stamens appear to be 3 dimensional in black and white. Great blog you deserve the award.

MargaretR said...

Thanks Annette. It turned out quite well and I'm pleased with it.

Gina said...

I have happy memories of Betws y Coed. Whan I was teaching we used to take our pupils there for walking holidays as we had a outwardbound centre nearby. Such beautiful countryside.

Heather said...

We lived in Cheshire many years ago and had lovely family holidays in North Wales - I too love Betws y Coed. Your black and white blossom photo is beautiful and congratulations on your award - well deserved.