Friday, April 03, 2009


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I had a wonderful day!
First thing this morning I was off, walking to Conwy on a lovely Spring day for a whole day felting under the tuition of Heather Holt. It was not an ideal day for photography, but I could not resist taking a photo here and there along the way.

It was slightly misty as you can see in this photo of the castle. I like it from this angle.

This is the castle again, a little closer.

I quite like this one which is the mussel platform. This is where the mussel men bring their full sacks.

I have taken photos of the railings before and they are so rusty an full of texture. I'm sure if we could wrap a cotton sheet around it for a few days it would rust nicely.

Here are the two pieces I felted during the day. They are going to need some hand stitching before they are finished, but I'm quite pleased with them. I took photos of all the other work there, but the quality is not too good. When I'm enjoying the work I find it very difficult to leave it to take photos and I tend to rush them and the quality suffers. but when I have sorted them out I'll share them with you.

Below is another beautiful ATC from Elizabeth.


Anonymous said...

what beautiful photos where is that? I know I've been there. I love your felt pieces

Anonymous said...

Conwy I've just read that bit derrr! Lovely place

maggi said...

Thanks for the beautiful photos. Your felt was very successful and will look superb with some hand stitching. Your striped sunset scene would look good in felt.

Gina said...

The felt is beautiful Mags.

Fran├žoise said...

Lovely pictures. I like the photo of the rust thing very much.

angelines said...

I'm happy to help you to rebember good times. Kisses Angelines Artero

Julie said...

Beautiful felt Mags and it looks like you had a lovely walk too.

The cottage we're staying in in May is 3 Pentywyn Road, 3 doors up from the chippy! apparently it doesn't have a nameplate on it. Can't wait to come! Hope you can tell me where all the best fibre places are :o))

Heather said...

Love your felt pieces and look forward to seeing them when you have done the stitching. Conwy Castle is beautiful from any angle and in any weather - I can remember the first time I saw it and thought it was quite magical. I wish I shared your confidence re my killed catalogue Mags. I can't decide what to put in the middle part - it needs to be a bit special.

Sue B said...

lovely felts Mags, such a great color combination.