Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This is what we did with Lutradur at SerenTex this afternoon and I'm going to share the method with you. It's another very simple exercise which beginners can do.
The piece of fabric I made is large enough to make a postcard and a couple of ATCs.

You will need -
A sheet of white polycotton
Backing such as wadding or felt
A piece of Lutradur 30g. (all these the same size)
Prepared sheets of paper painted with Transfer Paints
Aqurelle pastels or Inktense coloured pencils
Spray bottle of water or paintbrush and water
Stamps and black acrylic paint on a pad
Iron and ironing pad
Parchment to protect the pad and iron

With a very hot iron colour the Lutradur by placing parchment on your ironing pad then the sheet of Lutradur covered with the painted sheet upside down on top and another layer of paper to protect your iron. Iron carefully, checking often in case the Lutradur melts. You can move the painted paper around on the Lutradur to eliminate any white patches.

Now stamp your white sheet of Polycotton as you wish using a piece of foam or wadding covered in black acrylic paint with a tiny amount of water added with a stamp of your choice.

When this is dry, colour in whichever parts of the design you wish, then spray it all or use a paintbruch dipped in water over the pastel marks. This will spread like watercolours.

I love the effect where the paint blurs and spreads like these leaves. this is something I intend developing and using for other types of textile work.

This is the one I started yesterday and the Lutradur was laid over the coloured fabric. and the 3 layers pinned together, and then stitched with free motion embroidery. I like to add a 4th layer, a nappy liner at the bottom. This helps to make the fabric move smoothly when machining.
I was not happy with it at first because it looked a bit 'twee' and delicate, which had not been my intention, so I placed another sheet of painted transfer paint upside down over the top to add further colour to the Lutradur. this is much better. now using my 4x6" frame I find the best placing to make a postcard and ATCs.

Tomorrow I hope to show you what the latest looks like.


Vicki W said...

I'd say that meeting was very successful!

Maia said...

The colors are really nice.
I love your work!

Sandy said...

You are getting some lovely effects.

Heather said...

This looks a very interesting technique - thankyou for sharing it with us. My list of things to try out is growing longer each day.

Genie said...

Thankyou Margaret.
look forward to having a go,
Have a fun week

JannArt said...

Lovely. Thank you for sharing this technique. Seems like it was a good meeting.

Julie said...

I really must get some Transfer Paints. Thank you for sharing your methods Mags.

downunderdale said...

love what you are dong with Lutradur

Feltique said...

This is a lovely idea, must give it a go. Thanks for the tute

Di said...

wThank you fior sharing your work. I have a journal quilt to do using Lutrador and hadn't the foggiest what I was going to do. You have given me some brilliant ideas.

Alis said...

Beautiful as always Mags. I do love to see your work. I have missed a lot so off to read your other posts now ;0)

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.