Friday, May 29, 2009

Deganwy Promenade Day

It's another beautiful evening and the sun is on the castle, but I have just noticed that there are no flags on the poles. I must make sure they put them up to welcome Julie who is coming to stay in Deganwy this coming week.

Tonight there was a race in front of the flat. I was told there were 100 runners and I expected to see them like the London Marathon a whole crowd of them together, but instead they came in dribs and drabs like this.

These look strong runners.

But here is the best of the lot, a friend of ours who has taken part in marathons all over the world. He has just looked up and seen me with my camera which made him smile.

Here is the Alphabet postcard I made for Carol this morning.

This is a wonderful piece of real art I got from Linda this morning. She's called it 'Window on the Moor' and it's inspired by a photo she took when traveling by car on the moors. It's a Mixed Media piece on canvas.

This is the Journal I received from Iris of Three dogs, two kids, one husband, but no sheep!!!!!! this morning and it is just the thing to carry in my bag as it is so lightweight and has a soft beautifully textured cover. The patterns for the journals are Iris' and can be found on her blog here - Mailer Styled Journal


Aussie Jo said...

Lovely photos Mags, it's nice to see such lovely weather, very chilly here for my morning walk, had to wear the coat, scarf and hat.
Iris' journal is lovely, does she have a blog? I'd like to see more of her techniques. Is the journal the same basic pattern as the one on the fibre and stitch free patterns site?

... Paige said...

yes be sure to put the flags up. i really love the window on the moor.

Sandy said...

Nice art and photos.

Heather said...

Great photos of the runners and what a gorgeous backdrop for that race. The alphabet postcard and 'Window on the Moor' are such fun and Iris's journal is lovely.

Micki said...

Love the Window on the Moor piece.