Sunday, May 31, 2009

Relaxing day

I feel sure I must be the only one in the UK to be online blogging today! It's such wonderful weather compared to our normal wet and cold days. I went for a long walk this morning along the beach at Rhos-on-Sea, so I don't feel guilty about staying in with the Windows wide open to catch the breeze.

These photos are some I took yesterday of parts of the machine that stands outside the Canolfan Grefft Rhuthun - Ruthin Crafft Centre Visiting the craft Centre was the main attraction of my visit to Ruthin in the beautiful Vale of Clwyd, North Wales. But I take photos of this machine each time I visit, finding different angles each time. This time it was covered in cobwebs and I felt it was telling me how important it had once been and how pleased it was that I was taking photos. I have tried to find out more about it as it had 'Rd Kitchin, Warrington' stamped on it, but I'm none the wiser I'm afraid.

I was very pleased to find that Cefyn Burgess was working in his studio and was his usual friendly self and did not seem to mind I picked his brain about the merits of various Embellishing machines. He has such a busy schedule and today for a change he was having a playday and trying out various things on his embellisher. His studio here is well worth a visit.

Rozanne Hawksley has a solo exhibition here until May 31st. It was not the first time I have seen her work, it has been exhibited with 'Art of the Stitch' and also at the 'Knitting and Stitching' shows. I was fortunate enough to find Rozanne herself there and was able to congratulate her on the wonderful work. Lovely to see it altogether in one place. Ruthin Crafft Centre

Now we come to my little efforts the last couple of days. This is a piece of poly cotton that I have Transfer Painted. I'm going to do some FMO and we'll see how it turns out.

This is a quilty for Alis, I have to warn her not to look at my blog if she wants a surprise. This is again Transfer Painted, but this time on Satin fabric. Then I used a method that I haven't used often with fresh Begonia leaves and Bondaweb. Sometimes it works, others it fails. this one I'm more than happy with. It's been finished with some FME and zig-zagged to neaten.


Dotti said...

What is this technique of using plant life with fusible webbing? Did you first dry the leaf? I love the depth and the richness of color. Hugs, Dotti

Heather said...

The cog wheel photos are stunning and how well the cobwebs compliment the shapes of the cogs. Looking forward to seeing what comes from the printed polycotton and I just love Alis's quiltie, it is gorgeous. I have never heard of that technique and would love to know more.

MargaretR said...

Thanks for your comments Dotti and Heather. You are not the only ones interested in the leaves, so I'm experimenting and will post it as soon as I'm ready.

Totty Teabag said...

Just to satisfy your curiosity as you have so often satisfied mine; Rd Kitchin refers to Richard Kitchin of the Scotland Bank Iron Works in Warrington.

MargaretR said...

Thanks for the info Totty! Much appreciated. the last place I expected to get it from was Spain.
You have some beautiful photos there.

Totty Teabag said...

I came across a crane/derrick on the Spanish railway system from the same manufacturer. I was curious to know more because I happen to have been born in Warrington!

Anonymous said...

Just seen this while searching for more on Richard Kitchin - I'm a gg-grandson of his sister Mary!
And I live only 5 miles from Ruthin, so I'm off to photograph the crane for the family history album (as an industrial relic, not a work of art!). It was part of the old station.
Thanks for this very unlikely lead.
The Warrington firm specialised in industrial weighing machines 1840-90.