Friday, July 31, 2009

Monoprinting Masterclass with Ann Bridges

I covered a sketchbook last night to take with me on my course. We had to take some sketches and photos of wild flowers as a starting point.

I just had a great day today when I went to the gallery of the The Royal Cambrian Academy in Conwy where they often have art courses. Today's course was a Monoprinting Masterclass tutored by Ann Bridges - printmaker.

Above are some of the prints I turned out in the morning session. Below, the afternoon samples. I was not quite as happy with those.

I sat between very clever ladies, the one on my right was a sculptor with a fine arts degree and the lady on the left was doing a fine art degree. The work above is the work of the sculptor and as you can see she used some of her samples to make a box!

The fish design used above was very successful and was made by Jenny who is doing the fine art degree.


Heather said...

That must have been a great course Mags and your prints are fantastic. I like the thistle type flower prints. The two ladies sitting with you did some super work too. Was that one of your Ro Bruhn inspired papers covering your sketchbook? I love the colours she uses and what she does with them.

Julie said...

What fascinating work Mags, beautiful colours and the layering works beautifully. Ann Bridges work is an inspiration! Thank you for putting in the link, her work is stunning!

Gina said...

Beautiful prints Mags.