Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More circles

This is a spare wheel on a beautiful old car I saw outside the Ruthin craft centre recently and below is an image from a building in Conwy.

I think I mentioned in my last post that I was going to a SerenTex meeting today? Would you believe that it involved circles? The workshop was taken by Janine who is a wonderful C&G tutor and she didn't let us know what we were going to do so it would be a surprise. So I'm going to share a few more from my stock of circles with you and tomorrow I will post about our SerenTex workshop.

This is a photo of a circle from the bedspread in our hotel room in Cannes recently.

The flower in a glass at a small cafe in Monaco on the same holiday.

This cake tin was brought to a SerenTex meeting and these are the ones left over.

I enjoyed playing with it in PaintShopPro X2.

This is what I did at my SerenTex meeting today.


Sue B said...

leave it to you Mags to take a relatively boring and unassuming plate of cakes and turn it into something so cool!

Helen Suzanne said...

I like the paper quilt that you've ended up with. Gorgeous festival colours too.

Raggy said...

Love circles, no pointy edges. great combination of colours, hot and summery.

Heather said...

I love what you have done with your research into circles, and the images you have collected. Who would imagine that a cake tin and a few cakes could look so exotic.

Anonymous said...

hi... just dropping by!

Julie said...

great circles Margaret! I particulary like the manipulated cakes.

JP said...

love the work you did at serentex- is this an invited group of Textile artists or can out siders join? - circles are eveerywhere aren't they once you start looking? and they have that real finished quality

MargaretR said...

Hi JP. I hope you will see this. Yes it is an invited group. We are a very small and happy group who work well together, so we decided to keep it this way for the time being at least. You sound local? To find out how the group started, write 'original group' in the SerenTex Search Blog at the top and you will find out more about us.

fiona d said...

all your circles are inspiring, but I love the one you made at SerenTex