Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nain in progress

Nain (GM) is slowly developing. She's had a bit of makeup and a manicure, plus a new pair of slippers. I don't think she's very interested in having a chat as she's turned her chair to the left, not conducive to conversation. I think she will have a table with her favourite books to balance the scene.

This is a piece of sculpture I photographed in Cannes recently and it suddenly struck me that it's another circle for my collection.

Another circle from Cannes.
The artist is the well-known Italian sculptor, Giacomo Manzu (1908 - 1991) and you can see the Grimaldi Palace Monaco in the background.


Heather said...

Nain is coming on apace - I'm glad she's got her comfy slippers on. That second circle looks quite comfortable. You must be subconsciously looking for them now.

Sue B said...

Nain is coming along beautifully!