Tuesday, July 07, 2009


A few photos, but not many words tonight as I have decided to reorganize my workroom. Yes, again! So I'm just taking a short break to write this.

This is a lovely inspirational postcard I bought for 20p at Westhope College. The photo was taken by Anne Dyer who sold it to me. The round disk is not part of the image, but something else I bought a short time later, not realising until I arrived home that these pearlised colours matched the postcard.

This is the beautiful mug I had my coffee in, similar colours again but very textured. I meant to ask who made it, but forgot. The clothes I was wearing? Again similar colours.

What a difference a day makes. Click to see the larger image. Not so short after all was it?


Julie said...

What a gorgeous mug. I would have had to buy it.

Aussie Jo said...

I love the colours in that postcard. I'd like to see that reproduced in teXtiles!!

Genie said...

beautiful colours and pics Mags.
have fun tidying.

Heather said...

Lovely images Mags and the postcard and mug are beautiful. Happy reorganising and I hope you will be able to find things when they've been given a new home!!

meggie said...

Your clothing colours? That gorgeous mug?
Pure Bliss!!