Sunday, July 05, 2009


I know you will enjoy seeing some of the work created on our SerenTex weekend at Plas and there is a long post about it on the Serentex blog. Above is a small part of the view from the terrace.

This is the fireplace in the lounge at Plas which has inspired Carol to create some wonderful work over the weekend.

And here is a card she sent me to thank me for giving her a lift in my car. I'm sure you will see where the inspiration came from by looking carefully at the fireplace.


Heather said...

The view from the terrace is stunning and the fireplace is fantastic. Carol is a very clever lady to have designed and made such a lovely card.

Gina said...

What an inspirational place to stay.

Sue B said...

That view is amazing! What a wonderful place to stay. It would be hard not to feel inspired there.